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Buy 2 Methyl AP 237 online

Buy 2 Methyl AP 237 online- 2-METHYL-AP-237 is an opioid analgesic medication commonly used in China since 1986 for the treatment of pain in cancer patients. It is one of the most active compounds in a sequence of analgesic. Buy 2-Methyl-AP-237 online


Until Usage

Insufflate this is not a pleasant material. I intranasally dosed 10 mg, and instantly started to retch. My very first thought as soon as I completed the act was “this tastes / smells like gasoline.” Honestly, I was instantly met with the thought or scent of gasoline directly after I drank it this way. The taste doesn’t last long though. When swallowing 2-methyl-AP-237 intranasally, there is mild pain — but the sting doesn’t last too long.

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I started to note subtle effects 5 minutes after insufflating the 10 mg. A kind of feeling “glossy” in your eyes. Slight relaxation of the muscles in the back of the neck and shoulders. Not daunting at this dose but I feel like something is happening.

I’ll keep reporting back as I carry out more tests.


Surely this stuff is potent.

I decided to ingeste ~23 mg orally in a gel capsule after the 10 mg intranasal dose.

It’s been about an hour and a half since I had the ~23 mg capsule swallowed and it hit me hard. Keep in mind, I have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever.

My body is comfortable, and my thoughts are considerably slowed. It certainly hinders my attention to detail and knowledge of the things around me. Oddly enough, there is already a deafening effect going on … It all sounds empty and silent. Slightly troubling. Is opioid usage a natural side effect?


It has been 6 hours since I ingested the capsule, and I have almost returned to baseline. The deafening effect that I described in my second edit slowly dissipated over the course of about 2 hours. Strange. I also felt dizzy when I peaked (about 2.5 hrs after ingestion of ~23 mg capsule), and very light-headed. I felt very relaxed and happy all the time. I have worked out a little more today than the other days — but it still feels like it was a really enjoyable day today. This is an especially fascinating compound.


It’s been 2 days after the above encounter. Today I ingested a 25 mg capsule of the 2-methyl-AP-237 and it is certainly active at this dose. It kicks in very hard all at once and diminishes rapidly into a mellow sedation which easily lasts 4-5 hours. This is with no knowledge to this class of chemicals. Shop online at 2-Methyl-AP-237 Buy 2-Methyl-AP-237 online

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